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Making an Impact | Into The Light with Laura Louise

Making an Impact

Laura Louise is a forgiveness advocate who is committed to helping people live a joyful life as she helps guide them through forgiveness, past hurts, and supports them in a powerful healing journey. Her dedication to break through the unforgiveness barrier is refreshing and powerful! Laura Louise has the ability to be transparent and vulnerable which allows for an intimate connection as she shares her life’s experiences.

Laura Louise left home at  the age of 17 due to rebellion and anger, she moved from California to Georgia with a bag and an attitude full of rage. This move ended up driving a wedge of silence between her and her parents. This is where the isolation in her life began to become a comfortable silence, or so she thought! She would not speak to her parents for about 5 years – the first time.

After decades of hurt, resentment, and indifference she began to wonder if there could be more to life. She began a journey with God that changed the course of her life!

Laura Louise made the commitment to gain the insight, education and revelation to become a powerful healing coach and mentor. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Pepperdine University and a Master of Science from Azusa Pacific University. She is also certified in Cognitive Processing Therapy and Connective Leadership.

Laura Louise made a promise to herself during her journey to healing that she would step up and serve as a powerful servant and authentic mentor to people everywhere who want to be free from the bondage of unforgiveness.
Laura Louise is the founder of Into the Light with Laura Louise. She is a Speaker, Amazon Best Selling Author, Mentor and Advocate for Forgiveness.