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Products I Love | Into The Light with Laura Louise

There is No Greater Healing Force than LIGHT!

LifeWave phototherapy patches use LIGHT to open up the meridian pathways to activate your body’s own Beauty and Healing intelligence.

These patches are a simple way to use LIGHT for Pain, Interrupt Stress, and Anxiety, reduce Inflammation, Improve Your Sleep by 66%, Increase Your Natural energy at the Cellular level, Improve Longevity and Organ Function, Collagen Production and Cellular Anti-Aging!


       Watch a 2-minute video about this amazing technology:

    –  Patented Human Software
    –  No Drugs, No Chemicals!
    – The epitome of Holistic Organic Healing!


When was the last time you saw a really “stressed” woman and said WOW she looks Amazing, Blessed and Successful?
Stress, Burn Out and Loneliness are at an all time high!

Do you want a powerful way to do an Energy Medicine STRESS DETOX in your body and clients using Energy Enhancer Patches??
10 days in a row will help move and UN BLOCK stress in your body, cells and tissue.