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Into The Light with Laura Louise | Mentor helping people through their journey to forgiveness.

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Making an Impact

Laura Louise is a powerful mentor, author and speaker who is committed to helping people live a joyful life as she helps guide them through forgiveness, past hurts, and supports them in a powerful healing journey.

Laura Louise is one of PeopleMavens Fantastic Public Speakers.

She was recommended due to her ability to break down the walls of unforgiveness. She shares her personal stories with passion and vulnerability. She discusses being molested, over consuming alcohol, exploding with anger, sex manipulation and coming into an awareness that forgiveness is the key to happiness.

“I am honored to be nominated by my pears. My desire is to help people break out of spiritual prison and be free from past hurt and shame.”

Opening the Door to Forgiveness

It is my desire to share my story and tips on how to move through this process to your healed and powerful self. Yes, forgiveness is power, power given to you, by you, for you, to be free! I am sharing some of the steps I have taken to walk out my own forgiveness journey. Much of what you will do is journal emotions, feelings, and anger. In this booklet, you will notice journaling is part of many of the steps.

Impact Experiences

It was such a pleasure hearing Laura Louise speak. I was attending a grand opening celebration for a dear friend’s nonprofit organization for which Laura Louise was the speaker. I had no idea what a treat I was in for! Not only is she beautiful on the outside but her spirit of humility and love overshadowed all as I listened to her share her personal story. Her words of encouragement were captivating and tremendously comforting. I was amazed at her strength and poise as she recapped the seemingly impossible challenges and obstacles she had overcome throughout her life’s journey. I was simply in awe! As I listened to her speak, I knew my being there was by divine design. She made it clear that her true success was the ability to realize the power of forgiveness and her decision to commit fully to God. She used amazing props and detailed description to share how carrying life’s baggage can be burdensome. She really helped me realize that we all have many of the same struggles in life. What Laura Louise shared this day brought me to tears of release and helped me to see that through the power of God, a willing heart will be rewarded. Her testimony is sure to unleash whatever is holding you back from achieving your greatest accomplishments. There were so many jewels in her presentation that I could go back and listen to it time and again. I would never want to miss a future opportunity to hear Ms. Laura Louise speak. She is truly a prize! I am looking forward to having many more experiences with her and I support her efforts to heal and encourage all. She is awesome!

LaKesha B. Johnson

Laura Louise’s willingness to help others become free from the web of bitterness and into the  freedom of forgiveness, is a beautiful calling that she gracefully walks in.  Anything that God has led her to do, in her life, she has taken seriously and pressed through every obstacle. Her tenacity inspires those around her to focus and do better.  She is truly a gift from Heaven.

Cholette McJimpson

Laura Louise is absolutely someone you want in your corner when it comes to supporting you with one of the most difficult challenges there is in life, that being true forgiveness! Laura Louise, is authentic, powerful and heart-centered with her mentorship. She has the ability to tune into you and help you recognize the actions needed to take you on a true healing journey of forgiveness in order to liberate you fully so you can live a life you absolutely love, and open yourself up to be loved!

Terese A. Santos

Laura Louise is authentic and real.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with her professionally and the fortunate experience of calling her friend.
She is raw and unedited in a refreshing way that a rare few can capture.  She has the experience to help others in their own journey to truly forgive and heal.  Her passion to help others is not only admirable but is comparable to tenured experts in her field of healing and recovery to the human sole. Laura Louise is an amazing and unforgettable force that will only rise higher.  If you need an uplifting mentor to cheer you on through your experience, I suggest you connect with her right away.  I can assure you it will be an unforgettable journey and an eye-opening experience. 

Edie Lacey

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