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Unbroken Spirit Breaks Cycle of Abuse | Into The Light with Laura Louise

Into the Light with Laura Louise welcomes Tina. Tina suffered years of abuse at the hand of her father. She endured physical abuse for years and it broke her spirit for many years. Her mother passed away when she was only 9 months old due to medical complications. Her father who never wanted girls, took her and her sister under his care.  The abuse had them walking on egg shells everyday for fear of triggering something that their father would be displeased with. There was one situation where Tina speaks about the last time her father would beat her and it was by far the worst of all of them. One day as a little girl she ran out the front door and the screen closed behind her. She did not slam it but it closed as most screens do. Her father told her to watch it (or something like that) and then about an hour later after he thought about it and drank more alcohol, he called her into the house. What happened next would change their lives forever, he beat her so badly and for so long with a belt that she had scars, bruises, and welts all over her body. She went to a neighbor’s house and on that day child protective services were called and that was the last time she lived with her father.

Tina had the opportunity to work through her forgiveness with a counselor. She spent several years working out this journey. The pivotal moment occurred over the phone when Tina’s sister was talking to Tina and their father was in the background. The father asked, “is that Tina on the phone?” Yes, tell her I am sorry. Please ask her if she can forgive me. This man was emotional and knew there was hurt he inflicted and asked for Tina’s forgiveness. She told her sister yes, tell dad I forgive him. She realized a huge burden had been lifted. Tina noticed there was no more darkness within her.

The biggest win for Tina was her intention to break the cycle of abuse. Can we just take a moment and understand what Tina has done? With intentions an abusive cycle was broken and her children never knew the terror of abuse. I want to comment her for her bravery and love!

Tina has become a new example of what can happen when the cycle of abuse is broken.

Tina is also the founder and creator of Bridge Builders.  A network of people coming together build each other up. This is an opportunity where she is standing on her own to create something beautiful and powerful.

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This Into the Light with Laura Louise on airs April 30, 2019, at 12 pm Pacific Time.

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