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A Journey to Healing | Into The Light with Laura Louise

Into the Light with Laura Louise presents Nikki. Her story began in a school boarding house in Nigeria, where her parents sent her to live after living in America at the young age of 10. At this school, Nikki was targeted and molested by an older teenage boy also living at the school. This was a frightening and lonely experience for Nikki as she was all alone in a foreign country with no family support. This molestation resulted in Nikki losing her identity and not understanding how to cope with life. She remained at the school for two more years before going back to her home in America.

Upon returning home Nikki did not tell her mother about the molestation. She did however act out by fighting and being very rebellious. She began a journey down a very dark destructive path of hurt because she did not face what happened in Nigeria. Her truth was she did not realize the anger was from the molestation because she buried it deep within herself. She began to try and fill her emotional void with food, sex, men and the wrong types of relationships, none of them worked. Nikki realized at a young age that her destructive behavior was not going to give her the life she wanted. She knew something had to change!

She first had to recognize she needed to acknowledge the molestation. She had to bring it out of the darkness and begin to acknowledge her emotions around the hurt. This process was not an immediate healing as Nikki explains forgiveness is a journey. There is no drive thru breakthrough in emotional wound healing – it takes time! Be patient with yourself.

Nikki helps others by hosting on YouTube weekly bible study groups. If you are interested in hearing what Nikki has to say you can find her on Instagram  and the link to her YouTube channel is in her Bio.

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