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Don’t take rejection personally! | Into The Light with Laura Louise

Rejection? What if I told you rejection was a lie? A person can only be rejected if they say so. Have you ever considered you were being spared the hardship of a mismatch? I believe everything happens for a reason especially the things that don’t happen. I appreciate what does not happen just as much as what does. Sometimes “things” not just people can be mismatched. I was living in the house I grew up in. I lived in my family home for about five years. I came to a pretty clear understanding that I was going to have to move and sell my family house. I was heartbroken and cried for two months. My mother had passed and the house was a memory of my life with her and the thought of it all going away was just too much to bear. Have you ever heard the phrase you live life forward but understand it backwards?

It was about five months after I moved out of the house and I received a revelation. I heard in my head as plain as day, you realize you were sleeping in the same room you were molested in… I had never thought about being molested in the room I was sleeping in each night for the past five years. Once I moved out of the house it opened up my spirit to know the truth. I was not in a place of peace or healing. God moved me out of my house and today I am better for it. Don’t get me wrong, I still miss the house but what I don’t miss is the heaviness I felt while there.

The interesting thing is I did not realize how much of a cloud I was under until I left. It wasn’t until I moved that I gained insight and clarity. I could have said God or the universe rejected me when I had to sell my home. Rejection is not real it’s a manifestation of our own thoughts and feelings put on us by us. Everything happens for our good if we are looking for what we can learn. The more we go through life with an idea of learning from the situation we will never be rejected because we are learning. I learned something pretty impactful about my situation and the more I go through experiences knowing I will learn something for my benefit the easier it gets.

Remember the next time something does not work out the way you hope or expect you might just have a learning opportunity to uncover truth. The truth that everything happens for our growth and benefit – if we are looking for it.