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Who is talking | Into The Light with Laura Louise

Have you seen the news? What is happening in our world today where school shootings are becoming so common that we do not even hear about all of them anymore? How did this happen? I remember as a child being bullied in school, or I should say bullying the boys, because they called me names. I remember a time of simple schoolyard skirmishes that never left with wanting to shoot the other person. Today people are acting out emotions instead of talking them out. How did this become a way of life?

I believe this is because there has been a great shift away from community and family with connection. When was the last time you went to a restaurant and saw the common situation of two people and their faces in their phones? People do not talk anymore and It’s having a huge impact on our world. I recently had my eyebrows waxed at the department store and attempted to have a conversation with the young man doing the work. I would ask questions and he would not look at me and would respond with one-word answers, when he could. It took me a minute to realize he did not know how to engage with me. I was dumbfounded with this interaction.

How can we change this lack of connection? First, we must start talking to each other. We need to set our intentions to reach out to people and chat with them. Recently I was “called out” by my sister for never calling her. My sister will call me on her way home because she is sitting in traffic for an hour. However, if I am not available during that hour, usually between 5:00 and 6:00, then I know I have lost my window because once she is home its dinner and family stuff. Of course, during the day she works as a nurse so there is no time for chit chat. I know once she is outside of that time, I will not catch her so I just don’t call – wrong thing to do. She tells me it would be nice to get a voicemail from you telling me that your thinking about me.  Hum, I never thought about the importance of a voicemail. I figured we would connect at some point but as we all know that sometimes can be months between.

There is a deep need for people to connect and communicate with each other. I know because I have my few friends that I need to connect with from time to time. I have a son who I enjoy spending time with and family that loves me. You have the same needs and desires for connection. Let’s break the cycle of isolation or social media and get connected to people. It takes people to create change in life. If we were not all connected, we would not have families, opportunities, or humanitarian efforts. Who will you talk to today? What stranger will you engage in a friendly conversation while in line? You never know that may be a person whose life you could change or they might change yours.