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Follow your Dream | Into The Light with Laura Louise

Have you ever had a deep desire and people made you feel like you were crazy? When we are in our purpose and enjoy something it will not take long for something to happen that makes us think – is this what I really want? Why is it so hard? Why are so many people telling me I am crazy or it will never work?

I have talked with many people who say, “I wish life were not so difficult sometimes”. It’s when we go through the tough times in life where our grit and determination is truly developed. Its easy to quit! People do it everyday and then wonder if they made the right decision. When life gets challenging that is when world changers are being developed.

Do you know how Amazon was created? A single guy in a small office with an idea and the grit to know deep down he had something worth pursuing.  It was far fetched and never done before – so!! Is that the benchmark for success? If its never been done it cannot be a success? When FedEx founder Fred Smith first had the hub and spoke idea for moving packages, he was shot down that it would not work. Funny, I think its working pretty well today. Kinko’s founder Paul Orafela began a small business serving the needs of college students. He was fired from several jobs but he had a determination to become a business owner. While in college he saw a need and acted to fill it. He sold his business in 2004 for $2.4 billion – not bad for an initial investment of $5,000. All of these people had a dream and they achieved it some with support and some without.

I have a dream that we as a people will learn how to deal with forgiveness. It should begin in childhood; we are taught all kinds of things but somehow the single most important thing to our happiness is not taught. Imagine if we had the education to learn how to forgive much earlier in life and the process. We would be a nation filled with a much different kind of person.

I do not know if somehow my journey to share the power of forgiveness will lend to my earning millions or billions of dollars; that is not my current goal (although let’s be real that would be nice). My goal is to see people set free and see them enjoying the life they were meant to enjoy. My world changing idea is attached to the health and well being of people through the power of forgiveness.