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Seeing the world with new eyes | Into The Light with Laura Louise


The eye is the lamp of the body and this is where people will recognize your different. People may ask if you had “work” done or if you did something new because you look great. This new presence is what healing looks like and people will want what you have. I often say you don’t need a face lift just forgive. You are about to be amazed at how many people see the change in you because you look brighter, healthier, and happier.

The situations, people and experiences that used to bother you are gone. You have peace in your heart and awareness of your surroundings. As you begin to learn more about your new self you will see how your mind will humanize people in situations. For example, I don’t know about you but I was a huge road rage monster. I would be yelling, chasing people down in my car, yes, I was that bad. Embarrassing, I know but I am being transparent here. Well, once I worked through my forgiveness, I would not yell and scream or chase people down. I would create stories in my head that made the people human and something I could live with in order to remain in my peace. If someone cut me off, I would imagine they were rushing to a hospital to see a loved one, as I have done a few times. Another scenario would be they are speeding and acting crazy it was because they needed to use the restroom. I could create a story which kept me in my peace and allow me to continue on without anger. My peace came from stories that humanized the world around me. I was no longer seeing what was happening to me but seeing the world around me for what is was. I could not do this before; my rage would always get the better of me. Once the rage and anger were removed it was much easier to create humanizing stories that I could live with. Everything we experience depends on our perspective.