How many years or decades will you run from your past before you stop and face it head on? The time for facing your fears is today. The truth is a person will never be able to fill the void with work, relationships, alcohol or pills. Nothing but facing your past will set you free from it!

How do you feel today? Are you drinking more than you should? What about food, do you “comfort” eat to feel better or eat out of boredom? Are you like most people who come home from a long day and sit in front of the television to “relax?” How about the one I did for years; I drink a few glasses (four glasses) of wine at night to unwind and relax from my day. This one lasted for over 20 years for me. Do I need to keep going? What are you using to avoid looking at your life and your emotions? We do most of these things because we do not want to connect with our own feelings. Here is something most people do everyday but do not think about…how are you communicating with your children? If you are functioning in an unforgiveness skin you are teaching all of your hurt and anger, not intentionally, to your children.

Is it time to allow your deep intimate feelings to be reacquainted? At this point you may be wondering ok, I see I have some anger, hurt or something I need to deal with but I have no idea how to go about it.  We must begin to think about our past, in some cases looking at old photos will trigger events in life. Meditate on gaining memories of the past for your healing in the now. Think about the times with family, school experiences, sports, or in some cases the trauma some of us experience. Begin to see it again as it happened so long ago, be ready to feel the full scope of emotions that will begin to flood your spirit. This is a time to be gentle with your emotions as they have not been faced for many years. Take time to write down your feelings and let the emotion flow. If you are not one to write do a video of yourself. Do not worry about editing or how you look this will not be seen by anyone else and should be deleted.

Pick a person who hurt you and write these 3 letters to help you work through your emotions:

  1. An angry letter where all your hurt and anger are dumped out of you.
  2. I am sorry for… this letter is where you take responsibility for your actions.
  3. I forgive you for…this is where forgiveness enters your heart and you are released from the hurt.

May your life be transformed through the power of feeling your deep emotions. This is a huge step in your healing journey.