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Forgiveness is a decision, not a feeling! | Into The Light with Laura Louise

This is where utopia happens. This is the step where forgiveness is achieved and life changes.

Forgiveness is a decision not a feeling!

At this point, your mind is made up and forgiveness is yours. Take this time as you look at yourself in the mirror to say today is the day my life will change forever because I am choosing to forgive. You are set and nothing will keep you from your mission today. The beauty of a set mind is about to revel how powerful it will be. Take note of how you are feeling, you should feel empowered, happy and excited. If you are feeling a bit nervous or anxious, that is ok too! It’s a natural feeling. Are you ready? Say out loud, “I forgive you! Yes, I have decided to forgive and I am no longer going to be a prisoner in my own life.”

Some of you may have the opportunity to actually forgive in person. Keep in mind you do not have to meet with the person who hurt you especially if there was physical harm. Forgiveness is a decision so your decision is enough. If you want to mend a relationship a visit may be needed, like I did when I drove out to see my father. This can be another layer of the forgiveness healing journey, but if this is not something you desire, it’s ok. I knew I needed to see my father, you will know if you are to see the person or not. Be still and listen to your inner voice. It will tell you.  

You are at the door of emotional freedom, where feelings you once had will begin to change. Where you once used anger as a barrier you will begin to notice you are not reacting the same way you did before. Your behavior toward things that used to upset or anger you will seem to have diminished. Your emotional freedom from dropping your hurt will make room for you to feel happiness and joy. When there is no pressure of anger under the surface you will notice you are able to exercise more self-control.