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Surrender to Forgiveness, A Father’s Story | Into The Light with Laura Louise

Into the Light with Laura Louise introduces a story of a father’s forgiveness. Imagine the hurt, anger, and rage of getting a phone call and hearing your two small children have been molested. This was the reality of Patrick’s life when his ex-wife called to share the news about his two six-year-old children. As a protector his instinct to eliminate the hurt in his children’s lives was overwhelming and over consuming. Imagine the rage that would boil inside if one of your children were hurt and he was dealing with two children being violated and stripped of their innocence.

He began by fighting with his ex-wife and felt he needed to take the children out of her care since the crimes happened in her care. He fought hard to remove them from her and he did for a few months. Patrick was fighting but his hurt was so deep and unbearable he was fighting the wrong things. He fell into a deep dark place that lasted about 10 years. He was in that place of deep hurt and he had no idea how to battle the rage that stirred inside. He began to withdraw and drink alcohol to numb the pain. Please note, this never works!

The person who inflicted all this pain was a 12-year-old boy. Yes, a child was hurting other children. In this world it is terrible how acts of violence are committed especially among children. I am sure the imagination was painting the picture of a man being the violator. In this case, the person was to young for the family to receive the justice they deserved. Imagine the most terrible crimes and because of the age of the boy acting out these crimes there cannot be justice because he is to young. Patrick had exhausted all of his resources and money in trying to find justice. He was literally told by the District Attorney to stop calling because there was nothing that could be done.

Patrick fell into deep despair and hurt because he had two hits to deal with, the molestation and not getting the justice they deserved. He lost everything in his life and found himself in a dark basement with nothing in Colorado. He was at his absolute bottom.

He prayed to God and asked for help which started him on the journey out of the dark place. He began to heal. Out of this journey into and out of the darkness Patrick created something of value. If you need to repair your credit due to unforeseen circumstances and you connect with Patrick please reach out to him at

On a side note, I wanted to address the little boy who was only 12 years old committing these crimes. It is my belief that he was also molested which is why he did this terrible thing. My heart goes out to this child who was also a victim. I pray he received the help he needed, after this terrible crime was brought to the light.

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