Have you ever thought about who you need to forgive? If you have continued on with life never looking back and running forward you need to go back, yes this is going to hurt. Moving through your hurt is much better than carrying it with you every day for the rest of your life.  This is where I learned how powerful forgiveness is and can be.  I know about the race to run forward never looking back, I ran for decades before I realized, I would never be far enough away from my pain. We cannot escape our pain any more than we can escape death. The pain was with me even if I did not think about it. Hurt is the thread that shows up in every area of our life. Have you ever wondered why you react certain ways? I never thought about it until after I worked through my hurt, once healed I saw how my reactions were driven by my anger. Our pain and disappointment are prevalent in how we deal with relationships, jobs, children, and life in general. When we go back and deal with our past, we actually change our future.

What could your future look like if you went back to deal with the person you need to forgive? Are you giving that person power over your happiness and success? If these questions are triggering a response feel those emotions. Its time to make a change and forgive for your future.